Royal Gala

These apples are deemed the “premium”and reigning variety cultivated in Poland. They are beautifully colored, with amarble-like orange or orange-red flush, and smooth skin. Small to medium-sized fruits that are oval or conical in shape. The pulpis deliciously sweet, with a delight ful aroma and a satisfying crispness. The royal gala variety is adored by many for it scrunchy and juicy taste. It is also ideal forlong distance export due to its high pressure and has a good shelf life.

Red Jona Prince

The apples attain their vibrant red color veryearly in their growth process. Their averagediameter is typically 70-80 mm and they have a spherically conical shape. Their skin shines with a glossy, smooth texture, with 95 to 100 %covered in a deep, intense crimson flush. Even in the shadow of the tree or underneath its branches. The Red Jona prince fruit is higher in sugars and has a firmer texture compared toother “Jona” varieties. The Red Jona prince variety is high in anthocyanins, a powerful anticancer component. This flesh has a firm density with a very hard texture. It is creamy yellow, sweet and sour, aromatic, and of high taste quality.

Red Delicious

The flesh is yellow-white and has a medium firmness, with a very sweet taste. The Red Chief exhibits a deep crimson hue. The elongated applehas a crunchy and juicy texture, with a sweet flavor. It typically comesin medium to large sizes.